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Friday, March 27, 2009

Crack Addict - Alcoholic to a Christian in Recovery

Crack Addict - Alcoholic to a Christian in Recovery
by Bobby Nicholl
(San Juan capistrano, CA United States)

Celebrate A New Life, I am.

Over 40 years of my life was spent in literal Hell.

I existed for one thing only, the obtaining of and mass consumption of Drugs and Alcohol. During those 40 years, I came out of comas twice, lost my family, my sanity and went to prison for multiple DUI's.

The insides of my soul, what was left of it, desiring one thing and one thing only, mass amounts of narcotics and alcohol. I had a real big problem.

A problem much worse than the drugs or alcohol. My problem was I didn't think much of myself, but I was all I thought about. It seems as though there was not enough of anything that would do the job required to anesthetize my state of misery. Many days were spent drinking 40-50 drinks a day, along with the cocaine, percodan, demoral, and Oxycontin. It truly is a miracle I'm alive. Not only am I alive, I have a life that is full of purpose, meaning, serenity, and an awesome relationship with God.

I've also opened a Christian Drug/Alcohol Residential Treatment Program in Southern California. The name of the center speaks for itself, "Celebrate A New Life."

I have the privilege of answering our intake line to offer hope and solutions.

There is hope to break the bondage of addiction for anyone who wants it bad enough. If you want it, a new life; I'd love the opportunity to speak with you. Please call anytime. Toll Free (800) 708-3173
God Bless

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