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Friday, April 17, 2009

Christian Alcohol Rehab "Alcohol" The Stain Remover

In Drug Rehab and Chritian Alcohol Rehab our custodian once showed us how great alcohol is to remove stains from almost any fabric. At Celebrate A New Life we found that to be true, which just goes to show the amazing veratility of alcohol.

Alcohol will also remove a persons very dignity, their spouse and children when used in sufficient quanity. Alcohol will remove the furniture from the home, rugs from the floor, food from the table, lining from the stomach, vision from the eyes, and judgement from the mind. Alcohol can and will remove good reputations, good jobs, good friends, freedom, sanity, and happiness from a child's heart. Alcohol will also remove ones ability to adjust and live with his fellow man. Alcohol will even remove life itself.

More lives have been lost and more families destroyed by alcohol than all the wars of history. Isn't it about time we told ourselves the truth about alcohol. how many more lives and families will be destroyed before we decide to wake-up! As far as removers go, alcohol has absolutely no equel.

If you or someone you love has a alcohol problem, please get help. help is available, help can't wait! Call Us Today! 24 Hour Counselors are waiting! Call Now! Toll Free (800) 708-3173
We will see you online,
Bobby Nicholl

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