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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hurts and Habits Increase During Hard Economic Times

Celebrate Recovery founder John Baker believes, Hurts and Habits Increase During Hard Economic Times

1. When the economy is struggling, people in your church and community feel hopeless and defeated as they are losing their jobs, their homes or struggling just to pay their monthly bills.

2. History has proven that during times like these the number of people turning to addictions and compulsion greatly increase.

3 In the United States alone, there ar already 18 million alcoholics, 4 million drug addicts, 16 million sex addicts, and 4 million addicted to food. The list goes on!

We know the one and lasting answer for those feeling hopeless is to turn to Jesus Christ! How does your church reach out to those struggling? Over 12,000 churches have found a way to help individuals with any kind of hurt, hang-up, or habit. They started a Celebrate Recovery, a Christ-centered Recovery program, based on God's word.

In His Steps,
John Baker
Founder Celebrate Recovery
Saddleback Church
Lake Forest, CA

Celebrate A New Life is a Christian residential drug rehab and alcohol treatment center, located in the coastal communities of Orange County Southern California. Our faith-focused mission is to minister the love of Jesus Christ to the least, the last and the lost. The pain, turmoil, and devastation caused by addiction needs to come to an end. Help is needed. Help is available. Call us Today! Toll Free (800) 708-3173

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