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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Celebrate A New Life

Toll Free Hot Line (800) 708-3173

State Licensed by Alcohol and Drug Programs of California


We are glad you contacted Celebrate A New Life at Hope By The Sea. We are here to help chemically addicted people get well. We are located in coastal Southern California, in the county of Orange. We are seventeen miles south of Disneyland/Anaheim and minutes from the sun and the sand of the Pacific Ocean.

Comprehensive Treatment Planning

Celebrate A New Life has multi-dimensional services for the treatment needs of the addict, the alcoholic, those dually diagnosed and most other illnesses classified under the category of obsessive/compulsive disorders. ‘Therapy’ means FINDING THE TRUTH about yourself, and working to improve a life from that foundation. People are better equipped, then, to make responsible decisions and use good judgment to improve their lives.

Steps to Admission

• Initial phone contact/ Assessment/ General treatment plan/ Financial arrangements. $1,000 reduction of admit fees if 90 day treatment package is paid in advance. ALSO, 2 months of Residential Transition Care is included at NO CHARGE. (That’s 5 MONTHS of In-Patient Recovery Service for the price of 3!)
• Travel arrangements/ A Travel Coordinator will give you a list of flight and airfare choices. Departure times and locations.
• Admission/ Orientation and Specific Treatment Plan Strategy
• Call Now Toll free (800) 708-3173
• Visit our web-site www.celebrateanewlife.com

Bobby Nicholl

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