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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dual Diagnosis - Co-exisitng Disorders

Services for Dual Diagnosis & Disorders
Professional treatment for all co-exisitng disorders and dual diagnosis is speciality and passion of Celebrate A New Life. Up to 40% of people entering drug and alcohol rehab treatment today have a co-existing disorder joined with drug abuse or alcoholism. The dual disorder can include anxiety, a eating disorder, a bipolar mood disorder or depression. Get help now for dual disorders and diagnosis.

Dual diagnosis is a term that refers to the presence of one or more psychological disorders co-existing with alcoholism or drug addiction. Many of these are considered 'mood disorders' and can represent inner conflicts developed in the past, or developed as a result of active addiction or alcoholism. Some dual diagnoses are more severe and a person may have a long history of psychiatric treatment, medications, and even institutionalization.

Dual disorder and diagnosis ranges from mild affliction to extreme. Each category may include: Eating disorders, anxiety, depression, bipolar, A.D.D., rapid cycling, and there are many more. Some require medications, some require long term sobriety. A large percent of people in treatment today displayed symptoms of bipolar while they were drug addicted. It turns out, however, that instead of psychiatric services, and medications, all they really needed is total abstinence from illegal drugs, personal growth, personal success, and a direction in life that makes them happy.

In other disorder cases, we find severe cases of mental and emotional states that require psychiatric assessment and medication to achieve 'balance.' Once the proper medication is discovered, these people respond very well to addiction treatment just like anyone else.

Historically, people with dual disorder problems have not done well in drug rehab treatment until recently. Before these co-existing disorders were truly understood, treatment centers commonly made the mistake of a misdiagnosis and either over managed the psychiatric approach to the exclusion of the recovery approach; or, the reverse was true. Treatment centers would ignore the symptoms of a co-existing disorder and rationalize, "sobriety will take care of it all." This is simply not the case. Treating a dual diagnostic client is not that simple. Celebrate A New Life incorporates a holistic treatment philosophy.

A responsible treatment program must assess those with psychological conflicts thoroughly. At Celebrate A New Life, our counselors are experienced with any of the mood disorder afflictions, and make a recommendation for psychological counseling. If psychiatric services are needed, our treatment team psychiatrist assesses and evaluates the client extensively. Psychological history, medications, institutions, and personal history are taken into consideration, and required medications are prescribed. Call Today (800) 708-3173
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