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Thursday, November 5, 2009

California Drug Rehab

Celebrate A New Life at Hope By The Sea specializes in dual diagnoses.
Many dual diagnoses have a history of being wrongly diagnosed. Mistreatment of this illness, even when a person is in drug recovery, usually results in relapse. These dual disorders can be very successfully treated if holistically approached. That is, treating one in combination with the other. Our best success at Celebrate A New Life at our California Treatment Center is with dual diagnosis because we follow a certain schedule.

Dual diagnosis clients who have a history of these disorders are assessed by Celebrate A New Life and Hope By The Sea staff, psychological history is evaluated. Medical and medication history is also assessed. Proper medication if necesary is prescribed.
While psychiatric care is the priority with a new client, his/her spiritual issues of addiction should be treated with the same emphasis and at the same time. Medication only goes so far; development of the soul and spirit, personality, social skills, and communication lead a person out of dependence on illegal chemicals and excessive medication. We want to achieve a healthy integration of the personality, while at the same time, Celebrate A New Life teaches a direction of self-improvement through one on one counseling,Celebrate Recovery meetings, Bible Study, Worship and the twelve-step process. Many people today live enriched lives and find continued support in Christ-centered twelve-step participation groups and that recovery philosophy.

A great number of people with dual diagnosis have found hope and success in recovery following this formula. Whatever particular mood disorder the client learns to distinguish the nature of his/her conflict, and recognizes the need to accept and work on these issues by eventually feeling like he is a member of a caring group, and learning in turn to care for others, the client more easily finds his way to be honest and communicate his feelings. He is not alone. Relating to others is a powerful tool in the treatment process. Our treatment of dual diagnosis and dual disorder will return you to a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle.

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