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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Drug Treatment with Christian Rehab Emphasis

When a Alcoholic or substance abuser stops drinking or using, this is just a begining. While most profesionals within the Rehab industry acknowledge this concept as the truth; few rehab centers effectively deal with the spiritual malady. While even the basic text of Alcoholics Anonymous describes the condition as a soul sickness, most drug treatment centers only treat two of the three compoonents of the disease. They (drug rehab centers)treat the body with medications, nutrion, exercise, and rest. There is also treatment for the mind via, psychiatry, psychotherapy, and counseling. But what about the soul, ones very spirt?

This is where Celebrate A New Life, a Christian Drug Traetment and Alcohol Rehab Center shines. Neglecting spiritual wellnees, is like offering someone a bandage, when they realy need surgery. Our Christian Drug Treatment Pastors and counselors help clients resolve the deeper spiritual issues that often precipitate alcohol and/or substance abuse. If you or a loved one would like to find out more about Celebrate A New Life Christian Rehab, located in beautiful Southern California.
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