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Friday, November 20, 2009

The Spirit At Work - 12 Steps And The Bible Drug Rehab Christian

The Spirit At Work in Christian Drug Rehab
12-Steps And The Bible

Christians at Celebrate A New Life who utilize the 12-steps for recovery have discovered that the steps create a greater and deeper understanding of God’s love and redemptive power.

At the root of all addictions is the sin of self-will. The seduction of self sufficiency can separate us from God.

Whenever we choose to run our lives without accepting and submitting to God’s will for us, we are headed for trouble. Anything that opens up a mind and heart to the need for God and creates a willingness to seek God...is a great thing. Our Christian Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center incorporates Bibical recovery principals into wellness and healing.

It’s A Process - 12 Steps And The Celebrate A New Life Christian Drug Rehab and Alcohol Recovery is a process. God working in us to renew us and restore us to health and sanity is scriptural. See Romans 12:2 and Philippians 2:12-13.

This process is accomplished by God working through others. Intensive work with others who are suffering from the same addictions is how those in recovery maintain their sobriety.

God has always worked through people. You can see evidence of this when one addict or alcoholic helps another.

The challenge for all caught in the compulsive and obsessive behavior of addictions is to replace the pleasurable experiences that come from drinking, drugs, or food with something more meaningful and lasting.

This is what a spiritual experience does.
Healing and Restoration!

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