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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hope By The Sea Christian Track

Hope by the Sea is pleased to offer a Christian Track. Celebrate a New Life, our Christian Track, is designed for clients who are looking for a ‘Christ centered approach to healing, restoration, and reconciliation to God, family, and to one's own dignity and self-worth; in a comfortable safe ocean environment.’

Our clients who elect the Christian Track participate in Hope By the Sea’s daily schedule; however, the Christian Track focuses on Christian activities and functions. These may include:

· Attending Celebrate Recovery® meetings at Saddleback Church
· Daily Christian devotionals
· Celebrate a New Life workshops
· Individual and group counseling
· Weekly worship services at Saddleback Church

Celebrate A New Life is a Christian Residential Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center, located in the coastal communities of Orange County Southern California. Our faith-focused mission is to minister the love of Jesus Christ to the least, the last and the lost. The pain, turmoil, and devastation caused by addiction needs to come to an end. Help is needed. Help is available. Call us Today! Toll –Free (800) 708-3173 Visit our web-site @ http://www.celebratedrugrehab.com

· Celebrate Recovery Meetings at Saddleback Church
· Life Recovery Step Study & Devotions
· Boundaries Workshops
· Life’s Healing Choices Workshops
· Worship & Fellowship at Pastor Rick Warren's Saddleback Church

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