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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Amy Locane Fatal DUI Crash

Courtesy of WKRG

It is always sad when alcoholism rears its head inside a motor vehicle. There are many alcoholics in the grips of their disease that do not hesitate to get behind the wheel. Risk assessment goes out the window whenever there is addiction; sadly, the poor choices that some alcoholics make end up taking the life of an innocent bystander. We all witnessed the horror that occurred on the Taconic Parkway with Diane Schuler; the accident sent a shock through every household in America. Theories of what went wrong on that day were talked about in most households, asking who and why and when and how this could have happened. The answer to that question is Alcoholism.

Just recently a woman lost her life while riding as a passenger in her friend's car when a vehicle driven by a drunk driver slammed into their car. The Somerset County Prosecutor's Office says that Amy Locane drove into the passenger side of another car in Montgomery, New Jersey, killing a woman who was sitting in the front seat and seriously injured the driver. You may remember Locane from the 1990's TV show "Melrose Place" as well as the movies "Airhead" and "Crybaby". Locane confessed to police that she had drank several glasses of wine before getting behind the wheel. Before the fatal accident occurred, the actress rear-ended another car down the road; when the other driver tried to call the police Locane fled the scene "swerving and knocking down several mailboxes" along the way, witnesses told police. A few miles down the road Locane's life changed forever.

According to police Locane has been charged with second-degree vehicular homicide and third-degree assault by auto. Locane smelled of alcohol and her eyes were bloodshot and glassy and she was slurring her words, according to officers. Bail has not been set yet and it looks like she will face up to 10 years in Prison. Locane will have a long time to think about her life and her actions in prison, hopefully she will address some of the issues that helped get her there. Whenever "alcohol" finds itself behind the wheel, accidents are inevitable - sooner or later.

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Source: TMZ

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