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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Social Media Teaching Kids About Drugs

Social Media has become the provider of information and news for the world, between Twitter and Facebook one can discern a lot. Just about every teenager in the United States actively uses social networks to communicate with the world; this makes social media a perfect platform for teaching kids about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. The Partnership for a Drug-Free America has teamed up with WeeWorld, to help educate teens about substance abuse prevention and the realities of drug and alcohol use or abuse. According to the PR Newswire, "this effort delivered more than 47 million viral impressions, dramatically increased traffic and tripled brand awareness for the Partnership's teen-targeted site CheckYourself.com".

With 36 million registered WeeMee's visiting and expressing themselves through WeeWorld it seems like the perfect environment to educate teens. "WeeWorld.com has proven to be an incredibly effective platform for us to share messages with teens about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse", said Partnership Digital Media and Marketing Director Hilary Baris. "These unprecedented results clearly demonstrate that teens are thirsting for this kind of information. We've been blown away by the quality and overall level of engagement WeeWorld has so clearly quantified and we're thrilled to be able to embrace this technology to connect with teens". The drive behind the campaign was a young adult recovering addict named JT. Using his WeeMee, JT visually interacted with a growing base of over 20,000 teen friends, posted messages and shared weekly scenarios drawn from CheckYourself.com.

"What an incredible inspiration this collaborative effort has been for me", said JT. "Not only have we meaningfully interacted with tens of thousands of teens and helped educate them about the dangers of substance abuse, but we are helping these young people make smart choices about drug and alcohol use. So many people have been instrumental in personally helping me to recover from my addiction and that's why I am so excited to have encouraged so many 'WeeWorlders' to achieve a positive attitude about not using drugs and alcohol".

Through the Internet and the powers of social media, millions of people can gain knowledge about things they would have never have known without it. The Internet has proven its effectiveness in reaching kids probably more than any other one thing. Harnessing the power of social media to help guide people towards abstinence or recovery will save countless lives.

"We're thrilled that, together, we helped build a unique 'celebrity role model' in JT and provided compelling content that teens eagerly integrated and shared with friends," said Pauline Malcolm-John, VP of National Sales for WeeWorld. "And just like we do with any client, whether they are major brands, product launches or causes, we were able to quantify the massive viral effect we achieved and are proud to see the huge success of this educational social media campaign."

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