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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tough Economy Poses Challenge for Addicts

The economy and one's financial standing affects people in a number of ways and people deal with their problems differently. Those who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction often times relapse because of downturns in the economy, pay cuts and downsizing can be devastating to any one, so it makes sense that it would be a step on the road to relapse if one's program of recovery was not in check. Loss of job and the inability to find work can make it harder to stay sober for recovering addicts.

"Martin Miller believes he was fired in December because he’s an alcoholic."

"Miller, who didn't want to use his real name because he is currently job hunting, said his alcohol problem surfaced when he was downsized as a manager for a mortgage company in 2006 and ended up in a substance abuse treatment program at age 31."
"In the years that followed, he found himself in an increasingly tough job market, losing yet another mortgage job due to downsizing, working temporary positions to make ends meet, and struggling to stay away from booze."

"Last October, he landed a good position as a client services representative for a software company in southern New Jersey and thought his life was finally turning around. Alas, he gave in to temptation at the company Christmas party that one his managers pressured him to attend, and he ended up in the hospital."

"He informed his employer that he was going into a treatment center for his addiction, and the next day he got a termination letter delivered to his home via UPS".

The quoted text above is from MSNBC, I chose to put the article in its entirety because it is a great example of how places of work treat addicts differently. In the 21st century there is no reason why anyone should be fired for the disease of addiction. Miller's situation is not uncommon; this type of thing happens all the time and employers do not need to tell you the reason for your termination, which protects employers from being sued for wrongful termination.

Recovering addicts are productive members of society and deserve the same treatment as someone who does not have this disease.

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