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Friday, October 15, 2010

Illinois Receives $13M to Expand Drug Treatment

The number of addicts and alcoholics in the United States is daunting; addiction plagues every family in one way or another despite the fact that more people than ever before have access to drug and alcohol treatment - yet, that is still not enough. Addicts who desperately need treatment, in a lot of cases, simply can't afford the costs of treatment or their health insurance has denied covering substance abuse. The Federal government is stepping up and is trying to assist certain states with the funding required to send thousands of individuals to treatment.

A $13.1 million grant to allow expanded options for more than 7,000 people seeking treatment for addiction will be given to the State of Illinois. Thanks to Access to Recovery, which is funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, a number of people will get the help that they desperately require. The Illinois Department of Human Services will use the grant money to recruit additional service providers for four more years; the money will be used to cover vouchers for patients seeking individual treatment. The type of treatment facility the addicts can go to are not exclusive to standard drug and alcohol treatment, faith and community-based agencies will be covered as well.

Since the beginning the grant has helped 15,000 people in Illinois, now, with the new funding, another 7,600 more people will have access to recovery programs. Access To Recovery will be working side by side with the Illinois National Guard to help service members coming stateside with all the recovery programs available. There are a number of service men and women who come back from overseas with a drug or alcohol problem often times coupled with post-traumatic stress disorder or severe depression. Soldiers will now have better access to treatment facilities and mental health care which will ultimately save lives.


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