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Friday, April 29, 2011

Entertainment Productions Honored by PRISM Awards

Hollywood has the power to educate and enlighten people about the effects of drug and alcohol abuse in the family. They also have the ability to lead people astray about the subject, portraying drugs in a glamorized manner. Entertainment productions that have an accurate take on drugs and alcohol are often recognized by the PRISM Awards bringing Attention to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues.

Media is an intricate part to how humans absorb and interpret information, especially to the younger generations who have had TV and computers their entire lives. Television shows and major motion pictures have the ability to point out the symptoms of problem drinking and drug abuse.

The awards are produced by the Entertainment Industries Council in collaboration with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and FX.

Awards included:

Black Swan – Feature Film – Mental Health

The Fighter – Feature Film – Substance Use

Mad Men – Drama Series Episode – Substance Use

Grey’s Anatomy – Drama Series Episode – Mental Health

Nurse Jackie and Rescue Me – Drama Series Multi-Episode Storyline – Substance Use

Parenthood – Drama Series Multi-Episode Storyline – Mental Health

Drop Dead Diva – Comedy Series Episode

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