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Friday, July 22, 2011

Smokeless Tobacco Debate

As we move towards the future, working hard to live healthier lives, the science available to us has shown plenty of proof to support the fact that smoking cigarettes is hazardous to our health. Doctors work hard every day to try and convince their patients that smoking will kill them, a number of people have quit smoking in the last decade in response to our doctors’ efforts on the matter. Cigarette companies have caught wind of this trend which is why they have invested millions in creating smokeless tobacco products that will give consumers the buzz they are looking for without a number of additives that can be cancerous.

Obviously, no one can argue that fewer smokers is a good thing, but, the question is about which market these new products are meant to appeal to? R.J. Reynolds is test-marketing Camel Orbs, which are a dissolvable tobacco lozenge, in Denver, CO and Charlotte, NC, the Los Angeles Times reports. However, public health officials believe these products, with packaging and flavoring that appeals to children are directed at attracting teens, who can easily use the products in secret. The article points out the lack of research that has been conducted on the possible health risks of dissolvable tobacco.

These products come in packaging with bright colors and unique artwork which may catch the eyes of teenagers who want to hide their habit. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will meet this week in order to determine the nature and impact of dissolvable tobacco products on the public health, the impact on children being of main concern.

It is a safe bet to assume that any product containing chemicals and tobacco from big tobacco companies is probably harmful to one’s health even if they are slightly less harmful than tobacco.

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