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Friday, December 23, 2011

The Midnight Mission

“Giving support is just as therapeutic as getting it” - NBC’s Jane Pauley

Recovery finds addicts the same way addicts find recovery, as is the case for most people working a program of recovery. The process of getting back in touch with oneself is often a long hard road, there is no time limit on how long one will be in the grips of addiction, although, the longer one dances with fate the greater the chance that addiction will take one’s life or everything worth living for.

Recovery involves surrender, coming to terms with the fact that you cannot control everything, let alone addiction. Surrendering to oneself and to others is perhaps the most important aspect of recovery, which is something that Orlando Ward had to figure out the same way every other addict who has hit rock bottom did.

At the age of 51, after ten years at the Midnight Mission, a homeless center in Los Angeles, Ward has achieved the executive position. Alcohol took everything from Orlando, but, with the help of the Midnight Mission and a higher power Ward has managed to work a successful program of recovery for 12 years.

He is a sign of hope for all those who have are homeless and have hit rock bottom as a result of their battle with addiction. We encourage everyone to watch the short video clip below as we hope that everyone has happy holidays.

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