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Friday, March 16, 2012

Smoking and Drinking Major Concern With Children

There is no question, the early years of our life are the most important. At no other time in our life are we more Susceptible to outside influences. What we see, what we hear can dramatically affect the course of our lives.

A new study just released found that children ages 10 to 12 feel ambivalent about smoking and drinking! The most important time to guide people on the right course is in their youth, naturally it is the most delicate time. It is fair to say that lead researcher Dr. Roisin O’Connor of Concordia University in Canada believes the same.

She says the recent results indicate the “tween” years are an important time to prevent substance abuse. “We need to be concerned when kids are ambivalent because this is when they may be more easily swayed by social influences,” she said in a news release.

400 children participated in a computer-based test that required them to place pictures of cigarettes and alcohol with positive or negative words. The children initially thought cigarettes and alcohol were bad, however, they able to start thinking of them as good with ease, when they were asked to place them with positive words.

“From this we saw how well the participants were able to categorize the pictures in the way that was asked. Using a mathematical formula of probabilities, we were able to identify how often responses were answered with impulsive and thoughtful processes as they related to drinking and smoking,” she said.

You can view the study in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.

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