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Friday, April 13, 2012

Drinking During Pregnancy

Drinking alcohol while pregnant continues to be a major problem across the globe. Many women fail to realize how serious consuming alcohol during the pregnancy can be with regard to their fetus. A new study that was just conducted found that there are a good number of women that continue to drink during pregnancy, but at modest levels.

Erika Comasco, Ph.D., from Uppsala University in Sweden, and colleagues collected data on alcohol consumption before and during pregnancy among 2,264 women from a Swedish antenatal clinic, using the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT).

89 percent of the women reported regularly consuming alcohol and 49 percent reported occasional or frequent binge drinking before pregnancy. Twelve percent of women continued using alcohol and 5 percent admitted binge drinking during pregnancy. Fifteen percent of women reported using nicotine before pregnancy, while 5 percent admitted using nicotine during pregnancy.

"While the AUDIT results suggested that a significant number of women continued using alcohol during pregnancy, implying a risk for fetal disorders, the biomarkers showed negative test values thus indicating only modest drinking levels," the authors write. "The continuation of this study will investigate the development of children exposed to alcohol during fetal life, together with other pre- and postnatal factors, genetic factors, and behavioral characteristics."


  1. Alcohol is without a doubt one of the most addictive substances on the planet, and the fact that its so widely socially accepted to binge drink is a big part of the problem I think. I went through rehab myself before trying to get pregnant (we have some great Baton Rouge alcohol drug rehabs) ...I don't know what my child and I would've done without them...

  2. These are all valuable information. Thanks for this post. We'll wait for more.

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