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Friday, April 20, 2012

University of Colorado Four-Twenty Battle

April 20th has unofficially become the holiday of marijuana use across the country: A day where pot users join together in solidarity to celebrate the use of the drug. Students from the University of Colorado-Boulder have held a 4/20 celebration for many years now on campus, but this year may be a little bit harder for those in favor of celebrating.

Officials at the University of Colorado-Boulder are trying to prevent thousands from gathering today for the annual 4/20 marijuana celebration. One deterrent they came up with was to spread smelly fish-based fertilizer on campus as a deterrent.

“We don’t consider this a protest. We consider this people smoking pot in the sunshine,” university spokesman Bronson Hilliard told the Associated Press. “This is a gathering of people engaging in an illegal activity.”

The holiday is not just about sitting in circles and getting high with one’s peers, those who attend such events are rallying to legalize marijuana across the world which is no easy task considering that in our country alone the drug has been stigmatized for over 70 years.

Last year, more than 10,000 people, both students and non-students, attended a 4/20 celebration on the University of Colorado-Boulder campus, the AP reports. This year is going to be different because officials are closing the campus to all unauthorized visitors which will most likely stir up a protest. Another, surprising countermeasure to the movement was to hold a free campus concert by Wyclef Jean, a respected hip-hop artist to coincide with the most important time 4:20 pm.

Colorado was named the nation’s top party school in 2011 by Playboy magazine.

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