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Friday, June 29, 2012

Josh Hamilton's Life Story To Be Told On Film

English: photo of Josh Hamilton playing.English: photo of Josh Hamilton playing. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Do you like baseball? We often refer to it as the Great American Pastime. Children usually learn about the game when they are very young. New fathers start teaching their toddlers how to throw and catch a baseball, by the time the little ones are ready to start kindergarten their parents might sign them up for t-ball, and later at grade school age "little league" becomes a part of a family's springtime schedule.

Over the years there have been a number of great movies that tell the stories of children and adults playing baseball. How many have you seen? Two of our favorites that deal with children are The Sandlot (1993) and Bad News Bears (1976).

This week it was reported that a new baseball movie is in the works. This film is planned as a biopic telling  the story of Josh Hamilton.  Josh plays for the Texas Rangers and they released a statement about the project:
"Josh and Katie Hamilton are pleased to announce that they have been approached by Casey Affleck and Thunder Road Pictures and have agreed to the creation of a feature film about their lives. While they are not involved with the actual Hollywood pitching process, the Hamiltons will be an integral part of the film's creative direction and accuracy as the project develops."
Telling a story, any story, on film can be powerful, both for the storyteller and the viewer. Films allow us to learn in a very personal way.  One can enjoy a film in a large theater or in the privacy of their own home. Movies help us to reflect on life, our personal challenges and opportunities.They can inspire us!

The planned producer of Josh Hamilton's story is Basil Ivanyk. WEEI Sports Radio reporting on this story offered the following input from Ivanyk:
"I truly think this guy’s story is one of the most inspiring stories I’ve ever read," producer Basil Iwanyk said. "It's also tailor-made for a movie: it has the mythic quality of The Natural, the faith-based angle of The Blind Side, and faith is a major part of our story, and the romance of Walk the Line. Casey has totally captured those elements in his take for the movie. It is an extraordinary odyssey that took him from the depths of drug addiction, estrangement from his family, and suspension from baseball to a spectacular rebirth of his life, faith, marriage and major league career."
We look forward to seeing this production, hoping that it will serve as an catalyst for people searching for sobriety and recovery, as well as those with many years of both, to share one man's story! 

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