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Friday, June 8, 2012

Prescription Drug Abuse Heroin Addiction

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Over the past couple of years the news has been filled with articles about the epidemic status of prescription drug abuse. Here on our blog we have written numerous times about prescription drug abuse. Using and abusing prescription drugs usually starts out innocently enough, after all most rationalize that the drugs are legal. At first, young people might find these prescriptions in their own home. They might receive a prescription after having minor surgery like a dental procedure or setting of a broken bone. They might see that one of their parents was prescribed Vicodin, Oxycontin or Percocet for chronic pain and raiding the medicine cabinet becomes an everyday occurrence. Or they are offered a "pill" in a social environment like school or party.

Before one knows it, they are abusing and becoming addicted to these prescription drugs which are opiates and this habit is expensive and deadly. When the supply of prescription drugs becomes scarce due to cost or the impact of the states' Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP), then taking the next step to an illegal drug like heroin seems to make perfect sense to the addict.

Open Channel on msnbc.com has been covering this phenomenon over the past few days. Teenagers and young adults moving from prescription drug abuse to heroin is happening in cities and towns around the United States. Heroin users are not just found in dark alleys, but in average suburban households. Take a few minutes to meet Holly Yates of Lancaster, Ohio.

This video offers a lot of powerful information, as Holly says: "You've got to get help, you can't do it by yourself."
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  1. I had a childhood buddy go away to college and come back addicted to heroin. It was one of the most depressing events in my entire life when I saw him for the first time after coming home. He told me about his problem and that he was trying to find help. I spoke with his parents and we all decided that he should be sent to a heroin recovery facility. After the first 5 days of detox he called me and told me how horrible it was, but how grateful he was to have a friend like me. I know that not all drug addicts have these kind of changed perceptions, but I was so happy to hear how much better he was feeling.


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