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Friday, August 3, 2012

Parents: Are You In Denial?

Sometimes late at night the television networks air public service announcements (PSA). Typically the goal of a PSA is to raise awareness about a social issue or health issue. The media networks air these announcements free of charge. Over the past few months The PARTNERSHIP AT DRUGFREE.ORG has been running a PSA called "Denial." Perhaps you have seen it. 

Unlike many PSAs that deal with drug addiction and alcoholism, this PSA was produced to grab the attention of parents. According to DrugFree.org's website:
'The campaign title "Emotional Drugs": the PSAs demonstrate how parents’ emotions – avoidance, fear, enabling, shame – are just as powerful and dangerous as drugs themselves.'
Many parents are so busy trying to work and keep their family going, they just don't have time to notice the little signs. It is easier to keep thinking that "what I don't know or what I don't notice won't hurt me!" Simple signs like: burn holes in your teenager's clothes, a teenager that is hard to wake up in the morning, truancy calls from the high school guidance office, a once active teenager suddenly giving up their favorite sport, a teenager not adhering to curfew, medications missing from your medicine cabinet, half-used bottles of eye drops...the red flag alerts go on and on.

In many counties across the United States the new school year is about to get underway .  As you help your teenager pick out school supplies, take some time to talk to your child. Take a good look at your child. Don't enable your child's drug or alcohol abuse by looking the other way.


If you are having trouble viewing the video, you can see it here.

Are you in denial?  Do you have a friend who is in denial? 
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