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Friday, June 28, 2013

Medical Marijuana Proponents Call For Tighter Laws

Medical Cannabis Growing Operation in Oakland,...
Medical marijuana is constantly in the spotlight for what seems like lack of oversight. Now, supporters of medical marijuana legislation are calling for tighter restrictions; this is in reaction to critics’ fear that passing such laws will lead to increased use.

Medical marijuana laws that were passed in the 1990’s in Colorado, California and Oregon made it relatively easy to obtain recommendations for the drug, according to the Wall Street Journal. Pain is one of the most common symptoms for marijuana recommendations. Of Colorado’s 107,000 residents who use medical marijuana, more than 100,000 have pain as their qualifying condition. In California, almost complaint or ailment is considered for grounds for marijuana use.

New Jersey, Connecticut and Delaware have patient bans for growing their own marijuana. These states have increased oversight on commercial growers and distributors, and do not allow physicians to recommend marijuana for general pain, The Wall Street Journal reports. New Hampshire and Illinois are looking to pass similar legislation.

“It’s clear that if I had proposed a California-type law, I would’ve had no chance of passing it,” said Illinois Representative Lou Lang. He sponsored the Illinois medical marijuana bill that now awaits the signature of Governor Pat Quinn, who says he is “very open-minded” about the bill.
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