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Friday, July 4, 2014

Holidays Can Be Hard In Recovery

Major holidays can prove challenging for those in recovery; it is important to stay close to one’s recovery network. Holidays are notorious for relapse, feelings arise that are unique in one’s memory; recovering alcoholics and addicts can easily remember the good times they had, quickly forgetting the depths of despair that those good times ended up bringing them.

The 4th of July is no exception, arguably being the biggest drinking holiday all year. In some places, every other house is throwing some kind of party or get together and it’s easy for people in recovery to see the allure of such gatherings. Individuals working a program of recovery need to have a plan for the day, idle time is never a good thing. In every city there are a number of meeting houses and Alano clubs that host Alcathons (24/hrs of meetings) that usually start the night before the said holiday.

If you find yourself struggling there is always somewhere to turn; don’t let one bad idea make all the hard work you have put into your recovery count for naught. If you want to let loose on the holiday, it’s likely that there is a 12-step dance taking place close to where you live. It is possible to have fun in recovery and not pick up that first drink or drug.

If you cannot get a hold of someone in your support network and can’t get to a meeting, you can get the number to your local 24 hour helpline at the AA or NA websites. If you are willing to reach out, there is always someone in the program who is willing to help.

AA Orange County Hotline: (714) 556-4555 (24 Hours) 

NA Orange County Hotline: (714) 590-2388 (24 Hours)

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