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Friday, December 26, 2014

80 Percent Needing Help is Alcohol-Related

The use of alcohol during the holiday season is always excessive, even amongst those who do not have a problem with the substance. The reasons for the over-consumption of alcohol are varied, but one thing is certain, there is nothing healthy about it. In fact, while historically those who ended up seeking help for substance abuse were usually split 50/50 between alcohol and drugs, new findings indicate that the figures have shifted and up to 80% of the people needing help is alcohol-related, the BBC reports.

The new figures come from Cais, one of Wales' biggest charities, which provides support on substance abuse and mental health issues across north Wales and Powys. Just five years ago, half of the people seeking help from Cais were having problems with drugs. Now that figure has dropped to around 20 percent, Cais’ Chief Executive Clive Wolfendale believes that the recent shift is the result of alcohol being too cheap and that the product is promoted as being "glamorous."

"Pricing is all over the place. It needs to be more expensive. It's not happening quickly enough," Mr. Wolfendale added. "Sadly, no government seems to be able to get a grip on it.”

Wolfendale thinks that people are looking for a cheap and easy release; they turn to alcohol before drugs because of the availability and cost, according to the article.

"Use of opiates has decreased dramatically and is unappealing to many people, particularly young people, whereas drink has increased in popularity. It's promoted as glamorous."

While the recent findings come from across the Atlantic, in America the price of alcohol is also too low and too easy to come by. It is easy to overlook those suffering from alcoholism in the United States, especially since the majority of conversations these days are focused on the opioid epidemic that has been crippling the states for years. The conversation about alcohol abuse should continue, pricing and advertising reform is desperately needed - lest we overlook the big picture of addiction in America.

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  1. Alcohol consumption during festive season reaches its peak every year. It is one awkward time when even part time drinkers accompany the addicted ones just for the sake of drinking. But naturally one of the most difficult phase to handle am addicted loved one. Be strong and go on.


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