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Friday, July 1, 2016

Staying Sober on July Fourth

We at Celebrate Hope would like to take a moment to wish everyone working a program of recovery a safe and sober Fourth of July. National holidays can be a challenge to navigate through, especially for those who are new to recovery. It is difficult not to pick up a drink or drug on any day, but holidays often bring back a lot of memories, some of which are good. Such reminiscences can trick one into thinking that it is not a big deal if they have a few drinks on the Fourth—the reality is quite the opposite.

If you are new to the program, we would like to strongly encourage you to stay close to your support network, i.e. sponsor and/or recovery peers. They can prove to be a vital resource for refraining from drugs and alcohol on Monday. It is also important that you attend a 12-Step meeting or two, sticking to one’s normal routine can make the day go by smoother and mitigate the risk of a relapse.

Every year, a number of people in the program experience a relapse. It is a sad truth that months, or years of hard work is thrown to the wind on major holidays. To avoid relapse becoming a part of your story, vigilance is needed. We are not suggesting that you should shut yourself in on Monday, in fact it is the opposite. It is often said in the rooms of recovery that “we thoroughly insist on enjoying life.”

Having fun in recovery is possible and holidays are no exception. The only difference is that you will be experiencing new kinds of fun with a clear head. It is likely that some recovery barbecues will be taking place near you on Monday. If so, you should make an effort to attend one, you will find yourself pleasantly surprised by how much fun they can be.

Remember to keep your phone handy in case a problem arises, or you think you may drink. It is much easier to call your sponsor before a relapse than it is after.

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