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Friday, April 21, 2017

Recovery Over The Weekend

Idle time is the devil's workshop, such words could not be closer to the truth, especially for young men and women in early recovery. There is a reason why people new to the program sometimes hit more than one meeting a day, and if you are not currently employed there is a good chance you have ample time to go to multiple meetings in one day. For those who are employed, whether it be career that you have been in for years or working what is known as a “get-well” job in early recovery, the weekend can be a dangerous time because of having an abundance of free time.

A get-well job may be a way to make some money while relearning how to take on responsibility. Such jobs can teach you how to schedule your time in healthy ways, but they do not instruct you on how to “be” outside of work. That’s where the program comes in. If you are anything like a good percentage of recovering alcoholics and addicts working a program, then you may find yourself inclined to isolate when you have down time. But, it is that very idle time that can be, and has been, involved in many a relapse.


Engaging With Others

Typically, the weekends are a time for relaxation after five (5) straight days of work. If you are working a program of recovery, the weekends might be a good time to take advantage of your end of the week freedom by doubling your efforts with your program. This could look like several different things. Naturally, hitting more meetings is always a positive move towards spiritual growth. It allows you to get out of your head, which is often a dangerous place to reside in early recovery.

Going to meetings, even when you do not want to, is a valuable exercise for life. It’s easy to just "veg" on the couch with Netflix and a snack, but such activity does not necessarily strengthen your program. What’s more, members of recovery programs are part of a greater community. You rely on one another. When one member is having a hard time, you might be a source of strength to help carry them through the day without resorting to drugs or alcohol. And vice versa.

If you have been in the program for a bit, then you probably know that meetings are often a jumping-off point for other sober activities to involve yourself in with the company of like-minded peers. Movies, dinner et al. There is a lot of fun stuff you can do with people in the program that can help your recovery, even when it does seem like it would. Even when you do not feel like being social. If you have not been all that active with your support group, this weekend is a perfect time to recommit yourself to the community. We use alone. We stay sober together.



You may be strong in your recovery as of late. Attending your regular meetings, communicating with your sponsor or sponsee and fulfilling all your commitments. If so, there are a number of other ways you can give back to the community-at-large. Volunteering at your house of worship or a local community center are great ways to get outside yourself over the weekend. Find a local soup kitchen and inquire about helping. They may not need your help, but selfless acts like that can help you greatly.

Clients at Celebrate Hope are taught the value of community throughout the course of their treatment. Thus, better equipping them to engage and be of service with the greater recovery community upon discharge. If you or a loved one is ready to take the life-changing journey of addiction recovery, please contact us today.

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