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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Legal Cannabis On The Horizon

Early recovery is a difficult time, and some would argue that getting sober was the hardest thing they have ever done. It makes sense; years of abusing drugs and alcohol takes a severe toll on one’s mind and body. Recovering from the damage takes enormous commitment and courage. Those working a program must confront aspects of their life that are difficult to process; the wreckage of one’s past is not something people want to face, but face it they must.

The process is even more complicated by the fact that one is conditioned to do certain things on a daily basis when they are using. Then, having to flip the script to do the complete opposite in many situations. Much of recovery has to do with reprogramming oneself to live by a new set of principles. People have to make a conscious commitment to abstain from any form of mind-altering substance ever again, not an easy task by anyone’s standards.

One area that people new to recovery get hung up on is total abstinence. Some people have a hard time grasping why they can’t enjoy substances that they don't have a history abusing. People who identify as a drug addict wonder why they can’t drink anymore; those with an alcohol use disorder question the suggestion to stay away from drugs. It would be easy to answer such musings by merely saying, “because!” However, it’s unlikely that that will suffice; the ever-questioning addict will desire a more concise explanation.

So, please consider this, addiction is an addiction; if you have an alcohol use disorder, then you are at risks of developing problems with another substance. What’s more, using a drug that you’ve never abused can be a quick trip back to one’s drug of choice.


Legal Weed Is A Breach In Sobriety

The New Year is around the corner, which means that adults over the age of 21 can legally smoke marijuana in the State of California. While those who regularly attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings are aware that marijuana is not an option, some people attending Alcoholics Anonymous might convince them self that a little weed couldn’t hurt. It’s a regular line of thinking, but one that should be squashed, immediately.

It doesn’t matter if you have an alcohol use disorder or a substance use disorder, anything that causes feelings of euphoria when introduced into your bloodstream is harmful. Legal or illegal, mind-altering substances are a recipe for disaster and will jeopardize all the hard work you have put into recovery. Marijuana's benign reputation is not justification for taking the risk, the drug is habit-forming, and cannabis use disorder is a genuine condition. Many people have gone back to treatment because they convinced themselves that pot was OK for their recovery. If you got sober in treatment, then you made a significant investment in breaking the cycle of addiction and learning how to live a life in recovery. A little bit of marijuana could make all your hard work be for naught.

Toying with the idea of smoking cannabis is natural, but if you are seriously considering the action, please discuss it with your sponsor. Those of you who don’t have a sponsor (yet) can merely pose the question to the group at a local meeting. In no time, people with share how their thinking on marijuana cost them much. Meeting the criteria for addiction means that any drug can impact your life; people in recovery should avoid "grass," at any cost.


Faith-based Addiction Treatment

Even though marijuana is now legal, millions of Americans meet the criteria for cannabis use disorder. Perhaps pot is having a negative impact on your or a loved one's life? Celebrate Hope at Hope By The Sea is a faith-based addiction treatment program that utilizes the teachings of Jesus Christ in conjunction with evidence-based addiction recovery modalities. Please contact us today to see how we can help you experience the miracles of recovery.

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