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Friday, March 4, 2016

Shatter: The Rise of Powerful THC Products

Marijuana today, is quite different than what was available just a few decades ago. The cannabis is significantly stronger by as much as 25 percent due to advanced cultivation techniques. What’s more, there are number of products available that have tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels that can have adverse effects on some people that use such products.

One such cannabis product that is growing in popularity around the country, primarily in states with medical marijuana programs and recreational use laws, is known as “shatter.” What’s more, the concentrated form of cannabis oil is finding its way into states where marijuana is completely illegal, ABC7NY reports. There is shatter available that has THC levels up to 90 percent.

In the Houston area, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) agents have had a rise in seizures in the past year, according to the article. The product is made using a process that involves butane which is filtered through the plant matter. The gas extracts the THC from the plant, after which the pure THC is cooked into a waxy material; when hardened, the wax will actually shatter if it hits the floor. On top of the process being crude in nature, the process of making shatter can actually be extremely dangerous.

“Marijuana concentrates are extracted from leafy marijuana in many ways, but the most frequently used, and potentially most dangerous, method is butane extraction,” the DEA stated. “The butane extraction method uses highly flammable butane gas and has resulted in numerous explosions and injuries, particularly on the West Coast, where production is most common.” 

With the lightening of restrictions on marijuana in a number of states, with more expected to follow, it is important that people are aware of what they are using when it comes to marijuana products. Teenagers are especially at risk, due to the fact that THC can have a lasting effect on developing brains. If you are struggling with marijuana addiction, please contact Celebrate Hope at Hope by The Sea to begin the journey of recovery.

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